Sometimes wishes do come true. It's like your shopping list, only easier. Save it. Send it. Share it as gift ideas for special occasions like a birthday or holidays - or use it to keep track of all of your favorites. If you are shopping on www.shopjustice.com and find items you want to save, but not purchase immediately, you may add them to your wishlist.

How to Create a Wishlist

  • Add your favorite items to your wishlist from any product page.

How to Use Your Wishlist

  • You can access your wishlist from "my wishlist" at the top of every page of the website once you've added your first item or have saved one.
  • Keep it as your shopping list - a place to save all your favorite items.
  • Sign in or create a new account to save your wishlist.
  • When you are ready to purchase an item from your wishlist, simply click on "add to bag" and continue to checkout.
  • You may also print or email your wishlist as gift ideas for special occasions or use it to give a hint to someone special.
  • You can remove items at any time.
  • If an item is no longer available, it will not be displayed on your shared wishlist.
  • Be sure to visit your wishlist regularly as our inventory is constantly changing.

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