Justice Bra Guide: we're here to help. Picking out a bra should be kind of fun-whether it's your first or your fifteenth. Select a topic and get started!
how to talk about bras
talking to mom or dad
It's hard to talk about personal stuff, especially when it's about your body changing. We recommend talking to your mom (she's been there don't forget), but dads are pretty understanding, too. Plus, we're here to help!
Here are a few tips on getting the convo started:
1. Be honest. Tell them it's a little uncomfortable to talk about this.
2. Let your mom or dad know WHY you want a bra.
3. Create a wishlist with your fave bras so you can look at them together.
talking to your daughter
This is a time of transition for your daughter. Some things are embarrassing to talk about, but shopping for a bra should be fun and exciting. Here are a few tips to make it easier:
1. Try not to say things like, "my little girl is growing up".
2. Make suggestions, but let her choose.
3. Encourage her to try several styles (it's easy to return what doesn't work).

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