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Item # 5662873
  • Pink pushcode safe with rhinestone zebra front
  • 3 AA batteries included
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Zebra Electronic Push Code Safe 3.3 5 11 14
If you have it on the voice mode. You hold in the star key. When you see two light flashing. keep a hold of it and press the 4 digit number that you want then press pound. That is how you change the number. I had trouble with it also. My brother showed me. March 8, 2014
Interesting Item my daughter got this item and she put it on voice and it locked up so she tried to input her code one digit at a time after it finished saying input password sometimes it will change to the factory default.She tried like this: 8-input password-6-input password-2-input password-4-dingdingding January 4, 2014
can anyone help us please? We no longer have the instructions and my daughter wants to change the password from 0000...does anyone know how to do this? Thank you in advance!! She does love the safe otherwise! December 29, 2013
voice mode help Good product except when it was changed to voice mode its not actually going off voice hard to figure out but when on voice mode it will say enter password you enter one # then wait until it says it agsin and hit ur next # example if password is 1234 then wait for it to say enter password then hit 1 wait unil it says it again then hit 2 then wait again hit 3 then again lol then hit 4 and it will open hope it helps! December 27, 2013
Fixed it Ok so I din't quite take Fawn's review too serious cause I thought she broke it with hammer but it since everything else din't work to open it up after being on voice command I banged the door with my hand a couple of times and it reset :) so you might not use a hammer or maybe one of those plastic hard hammers but don't break it just bang the door hard. Sorry for my description I was just so happy to make it open :) December 25, 2013
do not switch the button to voice !! My girls got these safes for Christmas and similar to other reviews when you push the button to "Voice" it would not work and in order to get it open to change it back to code you need to get the voice part to work. took out batteries and put back in. did not reset. Oh well thinking l have to bring back to store and get another I tried one more thing. I figured out how the lock worked on my other daughter's safe. If you use a paperclip (opened up), you can push in the little plastic mechanism and the safe opens. switch the button back to code and you should be do your code password . hint ..we put tape over the button to prevent accidentally switching it back ! hope this review helps others out there. December 25, 2013
Awesome little safe!! My 9 year old LOVES this little safe and price is fair. We also got locked out of it on voice mode and couldn't get in BUT we called Justice and one of the ladies that work there got the instructions out of another box and we figured out that to reset it all you do is remove and reinstall the batteries. Once you do that the pass code will automatically reset it's self to 0000. We entered the 0000 and she was back in again. We then switched it off of voice mode. So this thing does it's job..... and keeps you out, lol. It's nice and it's not cheaply made either. I would 100 percent recommend this product. November 22, 2013
Ours did the same thing. It would not reset, and taking the batteries out didn't work either. My daughter had a whole jewelry & chap stick collection inside. I found that by hitting the door with a hammer worked perfectly well :) September 17, 2013
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