Sleepover Essentials has every sleepover essential.

Whether it’s a family sleepover in the living room—complete with tents made of sheets, or you pitch real tents in your backyard so your girl and her besties can have a social-distanced sleepover, has every sleepover essential.

What to Wear
Keep it cozy. Short-sleeved PJS are nice for traditional indoor sleepovers. Long sleeved PJs are good for cooler nights. And she will never go wrong with a plush pair of PJs. P.S. don’t forget snuggly socks to match her sleepover look.


What to Pack
Start with a super-cool duffle bag. Pack her charger. Don’t forget to charge her power bank for moments when an outlet isn’t available. Oh yeah…slip a pair of wireless earbuds in her bag, so can covertly listen to music (aka call home from the bathroom because she misses you). 


Don’t Forget
And lastly, bring her pillow from home, pack her toothbrush, toothpaste, and other essential toiletries, plus an outfit and undies for the next morning.