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How is sales tax collected?

Sales tax is currently collected on ALL purchases made in a Justice retail store, through a Justice catalog or through the Justice website with the exception of the following. "Non-essentials" (as noted in the exceptions below) refer to jewelry, accessories, room stuff, cosmetics and toiletry items offered by Justice.

  • Justice currently does not have retail stores in the following states: Alaska, District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Wyoming. Therefore, Justice does not collect taxes on website and catalog purchases that are shipped to these states.
  • The following states do not currently have a sales tax on clothing and non-essentials offered by Justice: Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, Alaska and Oregon. Hence, there is no sales tax applied to retail purchases made in these states or on catalog orders shipped to these states.
  • The following states exempt sales tax on clothing and footwear purchased in Justice retail stores or on orders shipped to these states: Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, and Vermont.
    • Not all counties in New York exempt clothing; therefore depending on the ship to location, we may still be required to collect county sales tax because we have a physical store location in that county.
    • Clothing items purchased in Massachusetts must have a unit retail price less than $175 to be tax exempt. Rhode Island purchased items must be less than $250 per unit and items purchased in (or shipped to) New York must have a unit retail price less than $110 to be tax exempt. There is no dollar limit to the exemption in Vermont.

The Effective Date of these Purchase Terms and Conditions is March 1, 2011.

These Purchase Terms are Additional Terms, as defined in the Justice Terms of Use. terms of use and together with the Terms of Use apply to your purchase of a service or product offered via the Tween Channels, as that term is defined in the Terms of Use, to your purchases through our catalog, and (as applicable) to your purchases in our U.S. retail locations. Your purchase from us constitutes your agreement to follow these Purchase Terms and Terms of Use and to be bound by them. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM US. Please also review the Justice privacy policy.

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