November 10, 2021

The holidays are right around the corner. And your family will soon get pictures taken to accompany the yearly newsletter, social media post, and blog. So, we pulled looks featuring some of this year’s hottest fashion trends—and a few classic styles, as well—to inspire you and your girl.

The Trend: Monochrome Looks

Why we love it for family photos:
it’s an easy way for the entire family to look effortlessly put together. Plus, it’s a cinch to find different combinations of white, black, and gray pieces for each family member—especially in fall. 

The Trend: Tonal Palettes

Why we love it for family photos:
Mixing textures and patterns in variants of the same hue is a cool way to have a cohesive theme without being too matchy-matchy. Every person can let their unique style shine through and still look good for group shots.

The Trend: Red & Plaid

Why we love it for family photos:
One word…tradition. Red and plaid are classic themes during cool-weather months. And because they’re forever in style, as your girl grows up, she will look at these family photos with fondness.